The Bears 15th anniversary show and tribute to Paul was an amazing and emotional occasion. We expected it to be emotional of course but at the end, after the last number, I don't think we expected it to be quite how it was. It was touch and go a few times during the last couple of numbers in fact and after Stewart had bravely spoken (what a great performance he put in by the way) and we went into the final song the atmosphere was electric.

We were pleased to finish unaccompanied and it was appropriate that it was sung by the five of us (Richard, David, Sarah, Keith and Ron) who have been the nucleus of the group since Paul's passing. Yet Jenny and Sasha have also been integral to the group over the years as has Roger.

As often happens, people have asked for the set list to be posted, it will be and of course lots of photos and I think it would be good to put some of the comments that people have made. Of course the fundrasing total will be on here too (this morning I've banked just over £1000 in cash).


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Jill | Reply 23.10.2014 12:02

What a night. Celebrating 15 years of the Papa Bears tinged with sadness that the big old bear was missing. I'm sure he was there in spirit loving it.

Bob Allen | Reply 22.10.2014 21:39

Thanks for that Ron - I'll treasure every moment of that night!

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24.10 | 00:32

Where are the members now. Updated needed. I went to see them plus guests.yep back in the day?

10.09 | 17:51


04.09 | 16:22

you are all amazing but its not the same without paul there with all of you together x

06.07 | 12:21

love you paul you were amazing pest in peace

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