What Happens Now

We have begun talking about what we do without Paul, it's a question we never anticipated having to consider.

We have some commitments over the summer which we will fulfill. We are thinking along the lines of making our annual anniversary show a tribute to Paul and inviting friends with whom we've been associated over the last 14 years to come and join in.

Finding a suitable venue is the next thing. Should it be a usual Bears knees up or should we hold the event in a theatre? If anyone has any thoughts on this let us know. It will be in November hopefully, but that will be dictated by the availability of the venue.

After that....well we'll take stock. There is something to be said for acknowledging that the Papa Bears without Paul is unimaginable and using the "15th anniversary/Paul tribute" as a grand finale. On the other hand we know that he would be furious if he thought we were going to stop.

It's hearts v heads, heads saying it's right to go out with a big bash in the old boy's memory. Our hearts of course not wanting to stop because we all love the band so much, as apparently do lots of other people.

So as time passes and the emotions subside we will make a considered decision, in the meantime thanks to everyone for their comments and support. We'll keep you posted.

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DONE Sending...

taffe | Reply 31.03.2014 01:28

Still find it hard to accept. Thanks
Paul I look back you always made and make me smile.😄

Jill | Reply 24.02.2014 12:21

If doing the Papa Bears without Paul is too heart wrenching, how about a big tribute/anniversary then form another band with a different name?

Jill | Reply 23.02.2014 18:28

I think the idea of a 15th anniversary tribute would be lovely, especially if it included his children and brothers. Congleton Town Hall?

The Papa Bears 24.02.2014 23:17

Thanks Jill, good idea we'll look into that.

Jill | Reply 23.02.2014 17:59

My thoughts re conversations with Paul is that he never expected the Papa Bears to take off like they did but he loved every minute & wouldn't want you to stop.

HPA | Reply 22.02.2014 14:52

Paul was about people, joy, friendship and seeing the best in everything/one. One of the ways he shared his joy was music. Pls continue to share the joy!

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24.10 | 00:32

Where are the members now. Updated needed. I went to see them plus guests.yep back in the day?

10.09 | 17:51


04.09 | 16:22

you are all amazing but its not the same without paul there with all of you together x

06.07 | 12:21

love you paul you were amazing pest in peace

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